VMO & Knee Pain Special Report
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The Knee Pain Special report is our first ever detailed book that details exactly how we were able to help hundreds of cases of various knee injuries using a simple 5 step method. We show you how to assess where to start and design a program to strengthen not just the VMO and the knee but all of the muscles that contribute to perfect alignment with the pelvis and lower leg. This is best used in conjunction with the VMO & Knee pain video available in the online shop.

As we have progressed over the past 4 years since releasing this book in 2014, by continually evolving our methods, and finding better and smarter ways to train, we have updated this report to include our latest and most successful additions to VMO training. This new and revised report now includes additional information relating to mobility, stability, cutting drills used in sports and even a look at running technique. With 95 pages of material, featuring 90 different tried and tested exercises, complete with links to the new videos, detailed pictures and instructions of each exercise, this gives you all the tools you need to effectively strengthen your VMO and get rid of knee pain for good.

Without a doubt our most popular program due to the increasing cases of knee injuries and the fact that so many people suffer repeated injuries from using poorly designed programs that fail to address the cause of the problem.

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