Stronger for Longer – Exercise & Nutrition Secrets for Older Adults

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While it is commonly believed that disease, dysfunction, disability senility and dementia are normal aspects of aging, research indicates that age-related cognitive decline is attributable more to the secondary effects of lifestyle, specifically health and fitness levels, rather than the primary effects of the aging process.

Consistent physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of dementia and cognitive decline in older adults and conversely decreases in physical mobility are linked to cognitive decline. Even a single session of aerobic exercise can improve memory, attention and reaction time for a short period of time. Long-term participation in both aerobic and resistance training programs lead to improvements in cognitive function especially when combined. Programs that utilize cognitive challenges in combination with aerobic exercise typically lead to larger improvements. The positive effects of regular exercise appear to be largest for tasks that are more complex and which require executive control.

However, care must be taken as to the type of exercise prescribed for older adults as not all exercise is equal. Far too many exercise programs for seniors treat this age group as if they are already disabled and the exercises provide little benefit to their body. It is very important to realize that it is never too late to improve your health and that older adults are not merely the sum of their chronic diseases. And they should never be treated as such. Nor should it be assumed that just because they are old they cannot lift weights or do rigorous exercise.

Research has proven that strength training is vital to the health of the older adult to improve bone density, preventing falls, maintaining optimal insulin levels, preventing osteoporosis and sarcopenia, but most importantly preserving a quality of life to enjoy their golden years. This report provides you with detailed pictures, instructions of over 50 exercises and some excellent workouts and tests to use for measuring your improvement.

We also must appreciate the nutritional needs change as we age. Older age brings with it special nutrition concerns and requirements. In older age, energy needs decrease but nutrition needs increase and the need for quality nutrition, in the form of nutrient-dense, well-absorbed foods and targeted supplementation, is more important than ever. This report covers several of the important nutritional needs of older adults with clear and simple to follow information so you can implement this into your life immediately.

Many of the exercise pictures shown in this report are of clients who in their 70’s and 80’s who currently train with us at No Regrets. We also feature several of their stories for you to see how they changed their life by adopting the methods explained in this report. I hope you enjoy reading this and it helps you to enjoy your golden years.

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