Shoulder Pain eBook – How To Get Rid Of Shoulder Pain Forever!
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Out of all the injuries to work with, shoulder and neck pain would be the most difficult. There is just so many factors that contribute to pain, it is no surprise this injury is so common. It is estimated that 85% of the population suffers from back or neck pain at some point in their lives and commonly neck pain can actually be referring to the shoulder and creating shoulder pain. Neck Pain affects 45% of today’s workers. While back pain certainly causes more lost work time than neck pain, the condition of neck pain is serious in nature and can affect sleep, putting your shirt on to just pouring a cup of tea! Most treatments merely address the symptoms without addressing the source or cause of the problem. Many gym programs fail to recognize that the shoulder joint is very unique and a delicate process of choosing exercises is required. The shoulder is the most dynamic joint in the body which is great for performing athletic movements like throwing a ball or serving in tennis, but this incredible mobility comes at a cost to the stability of the joint. Even though this report is about the shoulder many times we’re not really looking at the shoulder. It’s really about how the entire system works together. This report firstly explains the 3 Key Concepts to shoulder function, how to assess and correct the underlying cause of the problem and how to integrate movements with the rest of the body. We provide 95 pages of material and each exercise, mobility, stability and important topic there is a link to a video placed within the text to guide you on exactly how to complete the program. At the end of the book is a 6 phase program that takes you through each of the important steps, we know and have proven to work for over 12 years. It is time to stop putting up with your pain and get rid of it for good!
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