Secrets to Staying Healthy When Working From Home

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Welcome to this detailed report that will show you how everything you need to know about improving your health if your job requires you to work predominately in an office environment. It is no secret that as people in the corporate world tackle longer work hours that expose them to more stress, their health and wellbeing slowly declines.

It is fair to say that 2020 has seen massive changes in the way we look at our health and the various lifestyle factors that can significantly influence our immune system. Small things many people may have previously ignored or gave little attention to, they now realise are vital to the health of their body. Covid-19 has forced many companies into keeping their employees working from home and while it is clear there are some benefits to working from home there are several problems associated with this.

The modern office worker, whether they are working in an office or from home is vulnerable to serious health problems if they do not have great exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle habits in place. This report teaches you to recognize these hidden traps and provides you with detailed explanations and instructions to avoid them.

We cover several critical topics for the person working at home such as;

  • * Finding the work-life balance
  • * Ergonomics for the home office environment to avoid postural problems
  • * Nutrition tips when working at home
  • * How to get quality Sleep
  • * Setting up your workstation correctly
  • * Postural corrective exercises to avoid neck and back pain
  • * How to avoid Zoom fatigue
  • * Mental health essentials
  • * Functional Movement & Strength
  • * Fitness training at home

Working from home has definitely changed the way many of us will work forever. There is no doubt there is some tremendous upsides to this, but we must be aware of the potential dangers this new working arrangement may cause. We have to become smarter with how we structure our working environment and put in place several health strategies to combat the negative impact it can place on us. This report will arm you with all the knowledge to enjoy this working change without it having a negative impact on your health and life.

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