Nutrition Special Report – The Truth About Nutrition
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We all know that to achieve great health we must exercise and eat good nutrition. Without the essential nutrients coming into our body we will never be able to adapt to our full potential with training. We have provided many great programs for the exercise component before, but we recognize that we needed a simple program to cover the essentials of nutrition.

There is so many cookbooks, nutrition books and diet books you could get lost for years trying to work out what to do. People are so confused about what they should be doing in order to achieve great health. Often people are told to cut back calories, or to remove various food groups to lose weight, in the belief that weighing less automatically creates good health. Not only does this lead to poor health, it is very difficult to stick to and is a big reason so many people never reach their goal and give up, for it is all about restriction and all too hard.

This book is designed to help you understand the TRUTH about NUTRITION, and enable you to employ some SIMPLE, yet highly effective methods we use in our studio every day with people recovering from injury, disease or looking to reach a fitness goal.

This is a plan to provide you with a long term sustainable solution to improve your health. We are going to not only give you a step by step approach to achieving your health goals but educate you and cut through all of the confusion that comes with eating correctly.


We have also included many great recipes and food ideas so you are equipped with all the tools and resources to complement your exercise program.

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