Back Pain Secrets - Rehab & Injury Prevention Exercises
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Back pain is so common these days, it is estimated that 85% of the population will suffer with a severe case of back pain at least once in their life. Relying on medication, therapy and worst case surgery merely treat your symptoms without ever finding a long lasting successful outcome. Many people know the benefits of building strength into the core and learning how to move better for preventing back pain, they just don’t know how to do this safely, and what is best method for their body. In this video we answer these questions in great detail and show you some of our more complex assessments & exercises we have used successfully for over 10 years as Corrective & Rehabilitation trainers. You get a detailed version of assessing your weaknesses and finding where to start. Then we explain what stretches and exercises to do, based on your test results. We show you how you can categorize back problems into 2 key areas and why knowing which one you are helps the healing process significantly. By far our most comprehensive education video with 90 minutes of viewing time, that includes a detailed appendix of exercise videos to reference and along with the Free ebook with instructions and 6 step by step programs to follow. This ebook comprised of 82 pages of detailed instructions of how to go about rehabilitation and injury prevention for Back Pain. Although best used in combination with the video, this is an excellent resource to use for following a step by step program. We provide you with scientific evidence and clinical proof of results with many case study examples plus 70 pages of detailed exercises and instructions. The perfect education product for the person looking for a long term solution to their problem.
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