ACL Injury Special Report – Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation Programs
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Out of all the injuries to suffer in sports the ACL tear or full rupture would be one of the worst! It is known as a season ending, even career ending injury it is that bad.  When you consider that 70% of these injuries are non contact injuries it makes it all so much worse knowing that it is something that could have been prevented if the correct training methods were applied earlier!

This special report not only explains exactly how these injuries happen, and shows you how to identify the risk factors in order to prevent suffering one of the worst injuries in sports. There is 5 key elements to a great program and we take you through each of these in great detail. With 130 pages of material, featuring 104 different tried and tested exercises complete with links to videos, detailed pictures and instructions, this really is full package for preventing and rehabilitating ACL injuries. Our goal is to fully prepare your body for the requirements of life and be able to return to sport without fear of injury or relapse.  

We also provide a return to sports program for the person who has already suffered this injury, has completed surgery or maybe recovering from a tear and is looking to regain the strength to return to action. This is always a very lengthy process as repair from surgery often takes 9-12 months. We show you how to gradually progress the difficulty of the exercises and be able to use the advanced movements necessary for healthy knee function.

With both injury prevention and rehabilitation we provide you with a 6 phase program with all the sets, reps, tempo and exercises all mapped out for you to cover all the components of mobility, stability, strength, speed, agility and power.

Without a doubt our most detailed program created so far due to the delicate nature of the injury and the fact that so many people suffer repeated injuries from not completing a thorough program that addresses the risk factors we discuss in the early chapters.

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